It will change the whole atmosphere around you.Tom Gamlin

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Here’s where I hope to show you that “the best things in our lives are the things we do, the things we make, the things we learn and the problems we solve”.

I have my best ideas when I take a walk along my favourite path, hence the ‘The Thinking Path’.

When ever I have a problem to solve or I just want to figure something out, quite often by the time I’ve completed ‘The Thinking Path’ I will have come up with an idea or at least generated a spark of an idea to blow on.

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I like to search through the internet looking for ideas, solutions to problems or just inspiration for new ideas of my own.

See how the reviews began. It all started with bread.

The internet is an ocean of knowledge on just about everything and it’s out there for absolutely everyone.There really are no excuses for not learning something new. I firmly believe that one of the best things in life is learning followed by using that knowledge to solve problems for ourselves and experiencing the satisfaction of beating the issues of the day.

The path..

There can never have been a better time to be a young person at school. For any child who takes education seriously the internet offers so much information there is almost no need for the teacher.

The path.

For adults who didn’t achieve their full potential in their school years there is a golden opportunity to correct this and, maybe, undo any damage that may have been inflicted by ‘teachers’ who weren’t fit for purpose.

The path...

In the time to come it is my intention to share with you my findings on the premise that what I find to be of interest, others may want to share. So, stick around, stay in touch because you never know what I’ll be digging up next.

The path....

 Any information that you find on this site will be a combination of my own experience and the shared views of others.

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“The best things in your lives…”

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