Apple cider vinegar cures that keep you well but take it regularly

Find out about apple cider vinegar cures that have been around for centuries.

apple cider vinegar cures

It helps to relieve a range of ailments which include cleaning of open wounds and as a medicine taken for coughs and colds.

How is it made?

It’s made from juice extracted from crushed apples. Fermentation starts when bacteria and yeast are added turning the available sugars into alcohol.

The vinegar is produced when a second fermentation takes place. This happens when acetic acid-forming bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid and malic acid.

These are the acids that give vinegar that sharp and sour taste.

How can you take it?

This is vinegar so it’s not going to be something to drink by itself. It can be drizzled onto a salad as part of the dish or if you want to get a more full and immediate effect take a measured dose in a fruit -juice drink.

Try a regular table spoon in fruit juice and see the effect. As with anything don’t over do it, a small amount taken regularly is safest.

Apple cider vinegar cures for you

There’s a range of claims from regular consumers about apple cider vinegar cures.

It’s a natural laxative

This is to do with the available pectin found in apple cider vinegar. Pectin from any source is effective in this area.

Of all the apple cider vinegar cures that I can find, this is probably the most significant one. We hear a lot about detox and cleansing of the body systems.

If you keep this area of your system right then you have a better than average chance of preventing other ailments.

Remove stains from teeth

Regular mouth washing with cider vinegar appears to help remove stains from teeth and kills bacteria in the mouth that attack our teeth and gums.

It’ll make your hair shine

A 50/50 mix of cider vinegar and water is a useful hair conditioner. The cleaning effect of the vinegar acids leave hair with a healthy shine. Doing this once a week will also give dandruff a bad time.

There are many other claims of what cider vinegar will do including regulating blood sugar and helping with weight-loss.

Some say that if you rub it on your skin it will help to smooth out wrinkles and clear away warts.

The fact is until you try cider vinegar yourself you won’t know what it can do for you. If you do find that it helps you then it may be the discovery that you’ve been looking for.


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