Rarely is there a fruit that’s so simple and yet diverse in its applications than the apple. You can just pick it from a tree and eat it. How much more simple can it be?

Make apples a regular habit.

Eating apples as part of your regular diet has long been known to be good for general health. Apples are famous for their antioxidants which help prevent diseases that begin when our cells repair or regenerate.

So many benefits.

Such is the list of health benefits of eating apples that you can be 100% certain that by eating just one, you’re going to be doing yourself some good somewhere. You really ought to eat one while reading this.

There is a whole list benefits from eating apples. It’s good for just about everything from maintaining strong white teeth to being good for the liver.

They contain pectin.

Pectin is an extremely useful fibre compound, it’s extracted from most citrus fruits and used in the food industry. If you take the lid off a jar of jam, then turn the jar upside down and the jam doesn’t come out, it will be because of the pectin that’s in the jam.

Pectin has the ability to draw water from its surrounds and form a gel. This is particularly useful to us because it forms a gel in the intestinal tract which is kind to the intestine wall preventing potential damage from inflammation. It can also help to ease problems caused by colitis and irritable bowel disease.

The benefits of pectin from apples has been known for sometime but recent studies have suggested that it has a marked effect in the fight against cancer. It’s been discovered that there is a substance in pectin that sticks to a tumour-producing protein called galactin 3. This is what allows cancer cells to break away from a tumour and move off elsewhere and attach itself causing a spread of the disease. Pectin blocks any activity of galactin 3 thus reducing the chances of disease spread.

Swanson Acidophilus & Apple Pectin

Apple cider vinegar.

This is made from crushed apples that becomes cider through the yeast fermentation to alcohol method, followed by the adding of bacteria. This ferments the alcohol to a stage where acetic acid (vinegar) is formed.

It can be used as a food preservative and has been used historically as a disinfectant.

It’s been found to be effective for people with type 2 diabetes because it can, apparently, reduce blood sugar levels. A lower blood sugar level is good for everyone as it slows ageing and reduces the chances of contracting various chronic diseases.

Reducing blood sugar levels is good for everyone, with or without diabetes. The general recommendation is to take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar just before bedtime. This will lower the blood sugar level by a small amount but done regularly will make a difference over time.

cider vinegar

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It isn’t just apples that provide pectin. Any fresh fruit and vegetables contain varying degrees of pectin. Apples are known to be at the top end of the scale for having most.

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