Drink water enough to stay fit, alert and fully hydrated

We all need to drink water but how do we know if we are drinking enough?

Drink water to stay alert

 We need enough to maintain good health but because our intake needs vary, striking the right balance can be difficult to do.

Don’t over do it.

It’s possible to drink too much water. If we force ourselves to drink water this will cause to water intoxication orhyponatremia. If this happens sodium levels in the blood drop with the potential risk of lethargy, nausea and, in extreme cases, convulsions and coma.

Don’t panic.

Thankfully, we have a natural mechanism that regulates the amount of fluid we take in. We have a swallowing-inhibitor which is activated by the brain when our personal intake level has been reached. This helps to ensure that the required balance is achieved.

Nature helps us to save us from drinking too much but the problem most people have, with busy lives, is ensuring that we drink enough. 60 percent of our body weight is water. Everything about our being depends on water. Our vital organs rely on water to flush through and expel toxins. Our cell regeneration requires adequate water intake together with maintaining sufficient moisture levels in the ears, nose and throat.

Dehydration must be avoided, just a mild level can reduce energy levels and lead to tiredness.

Being dehydrated can effect our cognitive response levels even to the point of being compared to being over the alcohol limit when driving.

How much water should we drink?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for this. Our needs depend on a range of personal factors. It largely depends on your state of health and how active you are. We expel water through our breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. All has to be replenished from our intake of beverages and foods that contain water.

According to the US National Academy of Medicine, the required intake of combined fluids from both foods and beverages per day is 3 Litres for men. The required intake for women, 2.2 Litres.

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You may have heard the standard advice, “Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day”. This would equate to approximately 1.9 Litres. This “8 X 8” rule has been promoted as a healthy recommendation because it’s easy to remember. You must be aware that, if this is routinely implemented, this volume must be added to the fluid intake from other meal-time beverages and foods.

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Drink water little and often

Don’t try to calculate the exact amount of water we should be drinking each day. The best you can do is to keep a bottle of water with you at all times and take a swig as and when you feel you need to drink water.

Keep it simple

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