Fruit flies, how to dispose of them?

fruit flies flying

Fruit flies hovering around are an indication that there is a very over ripe piece of fruit hiding in the fruit bowl or some place in the kitchen. When a piece of fruit has gone way beyond the sell-by/eat-by date then nature will take it into the next stage of its demise. This always involves a breakdown involving all things biological and chemical. It only takes a single fruit-fly to sniff it out and home-in on it for the specific purpose of laying eggs for the next generation to thrive. They find the cocktail of exuding sugars, alcohol and acids irresistible.

An irritation it is and you need to get them away before visitors turn up and start judging you about how you manage your fruit-bowl.

So; how do we tackle them? The good news is that they’re just a nuisance to have around but not dangerous, in fact they’re completely harmless.

When we have located the morsel of fruit, from which they have emerged, this must be discarded. Carry out a close inspection to see if there is anything else that’s on the point of providing an extension to the problem. You must do this because you have an infestation flying around and if you don’t find any dodgy fruit, they will.

The ideal place for gone-over fruit is the compost bin which needs to be placed at a distant position in the backyard or garden as far away from the house as possible. Here any remaining fruit flies can carry on their business without causing a nuisance.

We are then left with the remaining ‘hopefuls’ hovering around indoors. You need to know that despite the fact that they have evolved into the highly efficient life-form that they’ve become, they are easily out-witted.

With all the fruit and general food source removed, we just have to provide them with enough of what they like in a place where they become trapped, contained and never be a problem again.

It starts with knowing what they like and, it appears, they like apple cider vinegar. So half fill a dish-like vessel with cider vinegar. Add a few drops of soapy water as this will help to keep the surface of the liquid broken, preventing the fruit flies from floating. They wont be able to resist the smell of the cider vinegar and will dive straight in.

Some say that this will work without being covered but to make sure you get them all it does help to stretch some plastic wrap over the top. Hold it in place with a rubber band and make a few holes with something sharp for the flies to go in.

fruit fly home made trap

When they go in, they can’t work out how to get out and then succumb to the effects of the cider vinegar.

I like the idea of this. Grow enough of these where flies of any kind can get at them and we have a solution that takes care of it’s self.

fruit flies trapped the natural way

If you are troubled by biting flies, these will either be gnats our midges. Gnats thrive where there is fungal material among rotting vegetation, usually outside. Midges like damp areas and are most likely to be found near ponds of still and stagnating water. These flies are much more irritating than fruit flies and require an effective repellent to deal with them.

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