Lemon balm uses

Lemon balm uses

Lemon balm uses range from promoting relaxation and improving sleep to raising alertness. If ever you have picked a leaf from the plant, you can’t avoid noticing a distinctive ‘lemon’ smell. Lemon balm has been appreciated for centuries as an effective addition to any aromatherapy program and there have been studies to show clear benefits for those who expose themselves to its contributions. Lemon balm can be taken as tea or a supplement derived from the more potent extract form.

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For a calming influence

Lemon balm oil is delicately pressed from the flower of the lemon balm plant. The aroma from the oil has a relaxing and calming effect. The pure lemon balm essential oils provide the best effect for an aromatherapy session.

For a good night’s sleep

There has been placebo-controlled trial that has shown considerable benefits to a group of menopausal women having problems sleeping. Those who received lemon balm extract had fewer problems sleeping compared to the others who received the placebo substitute. Other research has shown a positive effect on children who appear to have much more rested sleep at night when lemon balm supplements are administered.

For a Smooth skin

In the 1300s the Queen of Hungary used lemon balm as part of her cosmetic routine and apparently removed some of the wrinkles. Lemon balm can be found in many of the skin-care cosmetics that are available today.

For a clear thinking mind

Lemon balm will calm the mind but doesn’t leave it any less sharp. Studies have shown extra alertness at the same time as having settled and relaxed feelings when having taken the herb. Further trials have shown improved memory together with an improved ability to solve problems. This is apparent across all ages when lemon balm is consumed.

There is also hope that lemon balm can help patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease as there are case studies where it has shown some improvements in cognitive ability.

If we look at some of the chemistry, lemon balm contains eugenol which is a powerful antioxidant . This has been shown to help recover the memory.

Lemon balm has also been shown to reduce the effects of acetylcholinesterase which inflicts the adverse affect of breaking down the brain signaling chemical acetylcholine. The avoiding or reduction of this area of deterioration helps to maintain the memory and improve thought processes.

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For a healthy body

Lemon balm contains a number of antioxidants, these block free radicals from causing cell damage, one of which helps to maintain a healthy brain.

It is also beneficial to the liver. It will help to prevent the damage caused by ingested toxins which challenge the liver. It will also help with the production of two of the human body’s own naturally formed antioxidants superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

Lemon balm, like many other herbs that carry antioxidant properties, can also balance blood sugar levels. There is limited research on the subject but there are indications that lemon balm consumed regularly can help to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Research has also shown that lemon balm can help to prevent some of the extended damage that may occur after a stroke. This can have an immediate effect if lemon balm is taken soon after a stroke as it appears to do much to protect the brain against further damage.

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