Tanya Vanhaus

What do vegans eat?

Also: Plant milks in a vegan diet   What do vegans eat on a normal day?   What do vegans eat that are substitutes for meat? Vegans eat plant-based foods. There’s a whole list of foods that can be imaginatively produced from plants that vegans eat. Let’s go through some of the basic plant-foods that
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Does vegan cheese melt?

Also: Does Daiya vegan cheese melt?        Does plant-based cheese melt? Generally, vegan cheese does melt but there are some exceptions. You may need to explore a variety of vegan cheeses to see which ones melt the best for your recipes. Just like traditional dairy cheeses, you may find that grating a hard
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How healthy is vegan cheese? 

Also, Why is vegan cheese so expensive? Most vegan cheeses are a healthy way of avoiding traditional dairy cheese and the concerns over consuming animal proteins and fats. Not to mention the issues regarding growth hormones. Avoid highly processed vegan cheeses as these may contain processed seed oils that are bad and may affect your
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