Does vegan cheese melt?

Does vegan cheese melt?

Also: Does Daiya vegan cheese melt?

       Does plant-based cheese melt?

Generally, vegan cheese does melt but there are some exceptions. You may need to explore a variety of vegan cheeses to see which ones melt the best for your recipes. Just like traditional dairy cheeses, you may find that grating a hard vegan cheese may help them to melt when cooked. Not all dairy cheeses melt easily.

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Traditional dairy cheeses are easy to work with. A slice of mild Cheddar cheese will melt on toast under the grill or melt on a pizza. But when we switch to the disciplines of a vegan diet, finding a vegan cheese that melts easily can be a challenge.

There aren’t many ways of melting vegan cheese or any other cheeses. It’s either under the grill, in the oven or in a saucepan on a hob or ring.

You have to expect plant-based vegan cheeses to react differently to being heated. Because of the nature of the material, some varieties will melt into a convenient bubbling mass while others just melt into a runny liquid which may be fine, depending on the vegan cheese recipe that you’re using.

Let’s look at the melt-ability of vegan cheese

Vegan cheeses have been around for long enough for there to have been extensive tests to see which cheeses melt best. There have been reviews presented on the best vegan cheeses that you can buy that will melt. 

We can look at some general examples, here, of vegan cheeses that melt well enough for them to be considered similar in melting performance as traditional dairy cheeses.

For your interest we’ve found comments that are out there and it needs to be mentioned that vegan cheeses are being sample tested by people who aren’t at all impressed, while others who have taken up the vegan habit and like most, if not all, vegan cheeses. We will have to put this down to the variation in nature

We’ll start with:

Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda

A popular vegan cheese that can be melted on a pizza or grilled on toast is this smoked Gouda. The list of ingredients should impress most vegans. This smoked Gouda vegan cheese contains potato and corn starch, olive extract and Beta Carotene is added for colour. The makers of it say that you could elevate your cheese party with this hickory-smoked Gouda. It’s generally received as a vegan cheese that works for most, cold or melted. When melted it does acheive the gooeyness that most people look for when melting cheese.

Here’s what people think about Follow Your Heart smoked Gouda vegan cheese:

I’m glad that I didn’t listen to the comments that some have made that may have put me off this vegan cheese. The flavour can be described as rich and it melts well.”

Very tasty and melts as I like it to melt. One of my favourite ways of eating it is when it’s melted onto a hamburger.”

I like this vegan cheese. I melt it onto veggie burgers. When it melts it forms the ideal gooeyness that works well for me.”

If you want to avoid dairy cheeses and want a suitable vegan cheese, then this is for you. I know of people who eat traditional dairy cheeses who like this brand of vegan cheese. To get it to melt, I find it works best if you add the cheese to hot ingredients or place it in a hot or warm pan with some vegetable oil. This particular vegan cheese will start to go translucent. This is the point where you need to turn it over before adding it to toast or pizza.”

I wasn’t too sure about this at the beginning but I find this vegan cheese to be quite delicious. My daughter started eating it and didn’t realise that it’s vegan cheese.”

This vegan cheese has got to be one of the best substitutes for traditional dairy cheese. It goes well in sandwiches, it’s a cheese that grills well on toast.”

I’ve been trying to give up dairy cheeses for sometime but I’ve been struggling with some of the vegan cheeses that leave, for me, a bad aftertaste. This cheese handles just like dairy cheese but you need to melt it. Those who have bad experiences with this cheese should think about melting it.”

Does vegan cheese melt? Yes it does!

Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Vegan Cheese

Another vegan cheese that competes very favourably with the others, when it comes to melting, is this. The ‘Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Vegan Cheese.’ Described by ‘Violife’ as being “perfect to eat straight out of the pack”, they feel that their ‘Epic Mature’ cheese is their ‘best block vegan cheese ever!’ It can boast a crumbly texture with a protein content plus, it’s a source of vitamin B12. The ingredients include 24% coconut oil, starch, modified starch, which they emphasise isn’t anything to do with GMO (genetically modified organisms). The list continues with ground Sunflower kernels, lactic acid, olive oil and b Carotene for colouring.

This is a vegan cheese that can be grated from the block, to be melted onto a vegan pizza.

Here is what some people have to say about Violife ‘Epic’ vegan cheese:

I’ve decided to go for ‘non-dairy’ and started trying vegan cheese. I like this cheese more than the regular dairy cheese.”

Very disappointed with this. I don’t know how they can call it ‘epic’. It tastes of just salt. I like some of the other Violife vegan cheeses but I think I’ll give this one a miss”

This is the only vegan cheese for me. It has a good cheese taste and texture. It melts when cooked in a recipe. It also melts on toast when grilled.”

Sheese’ Cheddar Style with Jalapeno and Chilli Vegan Cheese

Here’s an example of a vegan cheese that’s got a bit extra and it will melt into any recipe. It’s had a thumbs up from almost everyone who has tried it for its melting qualities. The ‘extra’ is the spicy jalapeno and chilli that’s incorporated in the cheese. This is a vegan cheese that will melt into any vegan pizza and carry all its flavours through.

It’s available as a block that can be grated or sliced. It tends to have a deep colour and the addition of chilli brings an element of ‘heat’ together with sweetness. The ability to melt easily makes this vegan cheese ideal for grilling in sandwiches or on toast, pasta dishes or for the ultimate creamy vegan sauce. You don’t need to melt it. Cold sliced and loaded into a bagel or sandwich will work just as well.

Sheese’ have a habit of selling their vegan cheeses as ‘own-branded’. So, if you’re sifting through own-branded labels of vegan cheeses, looking for a cheese that melts, it’s quite likely you will find this cheese.

Here’s a few mixed opinions on this chilli vegan cheese:

Nice to eat as it is cold but better when cooked and melted. It makes a passable vegan sauce.”

I want to go vegan to get away from dairy for health reasons. I tried this vegan cheese and I have to say that it’s the most dreadful cheese that I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

This is a favourite vegan cheese for me.”


Applewood vegan cheese

The vegan cheese that seems to come out on top of all the cheeses for melting is Applewood.

Made in the West country UK, this is a smoked cheese that can stand with any cheese out there when it comes to flavour. It can be melted on toast, jacket potatoes or on a pizza. Among all the vegan cheeses that are required to melt, this could be the best meltable cheese in the stable of vegan cheeses.

Described as:

Smooth and creamy when melted, it has added Vitamin B12 and Calcium. It will melt onto baked potatoes, pastas, pizzas and toasties.”

If you have friends who you want to impress and, possibly, want to attempt to convert them to a vegan diet, melt some Applewood vegan cheese onto some jacket potatoes for them and see what happens.

People like Applewood vegan cheese and they like the way that it melts into or on their recipes. Here’s what some of them say.

My favourite of all the vegan cheeses out there. There’s nothing like a smokey flavoured cheese. It melts very much like traditional dairy cheese.”

Lovely taste and it melts as I want it to. As an alternative cheese that fits with my vegan diet, this is the cheese for me”

This is such good vegan cheese. I prefer to cook it and melt it onto a veg burger. If you’re looking for a tasty cheese that melts, this is for you.”

I’m a recent convert to dairy-free. I’ve been trying different vegan cheeses and particularly wanted a cheese that would melt. I also prefer a vegan cheese that doesn’t smell like feet. The Applewood cheese smells good, tastes good and melts.”

Applewood vegan cheese has an incredible taste. It melts nicely and I just keep wanting more of it”

This vegan cheese stands out against most other ‘alternative-to-dairy’ that I’ve tried, some of which have a heavy pungent taste and smell. The applewood vegan cheese is smokey with a near cheese taste that melts on toast.”

This vegan cheese is our favourite by a long way. It’s got the taste and it melts well.”

This has to be the best vegan cheese out there. I like a cheese that melts. You don’t have to melt it. It can be eaten straight out of the packet. It works well in sandwiches or melted on a burger.”

I find this really horrible. Even if you try it cold or melted, to me, it has a chemical taste. Maybe I’m not suited to vegan cheese.”

This is one of the best vegan cheeses that you can get. Fresh smokey taste and easy to melt. So many vegan cheeses just don’t melt like this.”

As an alternative to dairy, this is one of the most convincing vegan cheeses out there. The taste works and it melts enough for what I want.”

This has to be the worst thing that I’ve ever put in my mouth. I struggle with vegan cheese. Everyone tells me that it’s better if you melt it.”

I’ve been an advocate of vegan cheese but I’ve struggled to find a viable alternative to dairy cheese for years. This is the vegan cheese of all vegan cheeses. The smokey taste does it and it melts. I would even suggest that non-vegans eat it.”

Mozzarella vegan cheese can be melted onto pizzas

Traditional Mozzarella cheese comes from southern Italy and is made from Italian buffalo’s milk. Keeping the Italian theme, Mozzarisella are making a popular vegan cheese using plant-based and organically grown ingredients. This includes brown rice that’s been grown and sprouted in Italy.

Mozzarisella is the first plant-based vegan cheese that’s been derived from sprouted brown rice. These are cheeses that are free from lactose, gluten and soya. Mozzarisella has had success in using their process to not only produce vegan cheese. They have a range of yoghurt, icecream, and ready meals.

But what we need to know is, does the Mozzarisella vegan cheese melt? It’s safe to say that it does melt, which makes it ideal if you want to melt this onto pizzas. To get a good melt you need to take it to a high-enough temperature. It shouldn’t be kept for just melting onto pizzas. If you like cooking with vegan cheese, this is one for melting into quesadillas, lasagna and fried into mozzarella sticks. A thumbs-up, then, for Mozzarisella vegan cheese, melting.

Melting vegan cheeses will bring something extra to any dish.

In most recipes the cheese is melted onto the top of the dish but there are some recipes that include mainly vegan cheese, melted or otherwise.

There’s no need to be overly complicated when cooking with vegan cheese. Here’s a few simple ideas which most people will probably use:

Sandwiches with grilled vegan cheese

Sandwich grills are a quick way of applying a good measure of melted cheese to a sandwich. We could go on all day about which cheese will melt best in a sandwich grill and which sandwich grill is best for the job. You can take it that any grill will work for this and most cheeses will melt as you want them to.

Pizzas are all about melted vegan cheese

All the cheeses mentioned above can be melted onto any pizza. There are two ways to do this. Either buy a pizza that’s loaded with vegetable-based ingredients and melt your favourite vegan cheese over the top or start from scratch and make your own pizza from your own favourite recipe.

The advantage of making your own pizza is that you can have a layer of melted vegan cheese as part of the base, then melt even more vegan cheese to finish off on the top.

Macaroni and vegan cheese

The success of this depends completely on the vegan cheese sauce that you create when the cheese melts into the macaroni. Any of the meltable cheeses mentioned above will work for this. It makes for a satisfying meal and you can enhance it further by adding extra ingredients e.g. chopped carrots or parsnip.

Nachos covered in melted vegan cheese

We can thank the Mexicans for nachos. If you don’t know, they are large flakes of corn-starch which have been fried or baked in vegetable oil. They’re like large potato crisps. This is the base for which there is another excuse to melt some more vegan cheese and dribble it all over. Alternatively, you can grate some meltable vegan cheese over the top of a bowl or pan full of nachos and bake at about 120 deg Celcius. This will allow the vegan cheese to melt thoroughly into the assembled nachos.

Here’s some more vegan cheese that will melt for you:

Mexicana vegan cheese Alternative block


Koko Dairy free Cheddar vegan cheese


Violife Prosociano Vegan Parmesan cheese


Mouse’s favourite Camembert Artisan Vegan style cheese


Bute Island Sheese Creamy 100% dairy Free Cheese  Garlic & Herb Vegan Cheese Spread


ViolifeVegan Cheese (Halloumi – Wedge Grill Mediterranean)


Vuiolife Creamy Vegan Cheese – Original


Violife – Greek Style Block – Feta Alternative


Bute Island – 100% Dairy Free Sheese original Spread


Bute Island Foods – 100% Dairy Free Sheese Mature Cheddar Vegan Cheese Block


Follow Your Heart – Parmesan Style Shredded Hard Vegan Cheese


Violife – Mozzarella Flavour Violife Grated Cheese


Follow Your Heart – Vegan Cheese Slices – Pepper Jack Style


Bute Island Sheese Creamy 100% Dairy Free Cheese – Cheddar Style Spread


Does Daiya vegan cheese melt?

Daiya vegan cheese

Daiya vegan cheese does melt but it appears to have a higher melting point than some other vegan cheeses. Daiya cheese will melt best if you shred it. Putting a lid on the cooking vessel will hold the heat in. This will help to bring a melting success.

Some people have issues when trying to melt Daiya vegan cheese on pizzas. The problems occur when too much cheese is loaded on top of the pizza. Try using less. This will allow the heat to get to all of the Daiya cheese and cook it evenly, rather than leave a mass in the middle of dense material that won’t get cooked.

The best way to melt Daiya vegan cheese is to use Daiya shreds. Everyone seems to have success with this.

It’s always interesting to go through the comments, here and there, to see what people are saying. Here are some extracts of what people are saying about Daiya vegan cheese melting and other points about it:

I tried a dish at a restaurant that contained melted Daiya vegan cheese and went on to make the dish at home. I like the way that Daiya shreds melt and remain melted. I particularly like the way that this cheese, when melted, sticks to my teeth just like traditional cooked and melted dairy cheese.”

Not too impressed. I can’t understand why anyone likes this cheese. I tried Daiya vegan cheese, both the slices and shreds. I desperately want to go back to real cheese. The slices tasted fake but they melted enough to make it look good.”

Tried the Daiya vegan cheese. Very nice taste. I had my doubts about whether the taste would work for me but it does and I would recommend Daiya vegan cheese to anyone.”

I’ve tried Daiya shreds and I can’t get it to melt. I keep hearing and reading that it melts easily but it doesn’t melt for me. Perhaps it’s because the Daiya that’s available where I live, is a different type. However it’s a different storey with Daiya slices. When I grill the slices, they melt just how I want it.”


Does plant-based cheese melt?

Does plant-based cheese melt?

Plant-based cheese generally does melt. Some have more success than others when melting plant-based vegan cheeses. There are two points that have become clear on the subject. Firstly, be prepared to cook vegan cheese at a higher temperature to get a good melt. Secondly, don’t overload the dish with too much cheese. A smaller quantity will melt more evenly.

When people try to melt plant-based cheeses they often have the expectation that it will melt in the same way as the traditional dairy cheeses that they’ve always known.

The fats that melt in dairy cheese are very different compared to the nut oils and proteins that will be prevalent in anything that’s plant-based. It is, however, a considerable achievement where plant-based vegan cheeses have been formed that do melt enough to achieve the stringy gooey texture that many of us crave.

The desired texture is one thing but the resulting tastes that emerge from these plant-based substitutes for traditional dairy cheeses, for some, can be quite another.

Image sources: Melted vegan cheese | Swiss cheese plant | Daiya


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