How to cure motion sickness permanently, if only…

How to cure motion sickness permanently... ... if only.

The problem here is that there is no permanent cure for motion sickness but don’t give up because there are things you can do to manage the causes of motion sickness when travelling.

I can say this because as a sufferer of the condition I find that the best way to manage motion sickness is to plan as much as possible before starting on any journey.

Wear the Specs_Delight

Don’t leave any of this to the last minute because when you start the journey it will be much easier if you have nothing else on your mind.

What I mean is that if you aren’t thinking about anything else, all of your ‘random access’ memory is available to deal with the rigours of the journey.

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Those of us who suffer know what can happen. There have been many occasions when a complication has arisen just before starting a journey. This has set the tone for the journey and, indeed, the rest of my day.

How to control motion sickness

It’s all about overload. As sufferers of motion sickness we tend to try to process more information than we actually need. So I find that the best thing to do is to essentially empty the mind as much as possible. This will leaving plenty of room or spare capacity to deal with the challenge of the journey.

Plan and prepare

Try to cover all the angles including the route to be taken. If you are going to a destination that’s outside the routine trips that you take there is always the risk of getting lost. This is just the sort of hassle that you don’t need.

Before you shout ‘we can’t get lost we’ve got SATNAV’, experience tells me that modern technology doesn’t always work. When it doesn’t it always likes to conspire with what ever else that wants to go wrong. Then you have combined troubles that overload the mental capacity to cope.

Apart from that, getting lost on a long journey means that the whole event takes longer than it should have done and prolongs the stress that comes with it.

Then the arguments start over where we should have taken a turning and which way we should have gone, ramping up the very problem that you’re trying to avoid.

So to avoid this and other issues it will be worth your while to plan as much as possible.

To prevent motion sickness, take some control

Be the navigator, don’t wait for someone to ask you to do it because that will never happen. Take control of the situation and just do it. This way at least one member in the car will know where you’re going.

Don’t rely on SATNAV. These days we have Google Earth and, even better, Street View. Spend a bit of time checking through where you have to go. If you’re really smart, you will check out different routes just in case the obvious, first choice, route is blocked for some reason. I’ve seen this for myself and I can tell you that it’s a very powerful thing when you can just point out an alternative route because you know where you are going.

Make a list

Have in place a resident list for reference of things you need to do before starting a journey. This will be a prompting list to remind you of things that need to be done long before the journey.

Get everything on the list done in good time. When you reach the moment of departure you will then have the luxury of being able to just put it to one side and forget about it. You won’t be worrying about ‘have I done this or that?’.

You will find that your preparation list will need updating from time to time as new challenges turn up.


Being prepared

This is what it’s all about. If you can prepare your self and, as much as possible, everything around you before the journey you will be able to relax. By removing as much of the stress factor as you can, the rigours of the journey and the effect of motion sickness will be reduced.

Tell the driver

This can be a tricky area. If you’re riding with someone who you know well, a family member perhaps, I would say it’s easy. You can tell them to slow down on the corners.

With a stranger it’s difficult but you do need to mention it to at least give them the chance to be considerate.

What works best for motion sickness?

Of all the medications out there I’ve personally not found one that works for me. I suspect you are pretty much in the same place or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Whenever I’ve taken tablets of any kind that are aimed to reduce motion sickness I just end up feeling drowsy. I sometimes think that the drug companies have given up trying to find a proper cure because there isn’t one to be found.

So instead they just provide a drug that sends you off to sleep.

How long does motion sickness last?

Some people are lucky enough just to suffer the effects of motion sickness only during the journey. This is bad enough but some continue to be effected by motion sickness after travel. This is the worst form and the only way of coping with it is to get some sleep to let the brain rest.

Motion sickness when not moving may be due to other underlying problems. If it persists then you should consider seeing a health professional.

I seek my own salvation

It was because I couldn’t find any helpful medication that would get even close to helping me that I started to look for my own solution.

I studied the subject of motion sickness to get to the root of why it happens. I wanted to know what the trigger was.

I knew that it was largely to do with what the eyes see and what the brain thinks. I get it that when we suffer motion sickness there are confusing messages being sent to the brain and this clearly causes overload.

After a period of thinking I concluded that If I could reduce the amount of visual information reaching the eyes then the brain wouldn’t need to process it. This would do much to reduce the overload.

It’s a very simple approach and it’s what ultimately generated this:

How to cure motion sickness permanently or at least reduce it considerably.

This is the Travel Visor and you can find out much more about it at

No it’s not a total cure but I find that when ever I wear it I arrive at my destination feeling like I want to be there. I feel alert and want to take part in what ever is going on. I don’t dread the journey home. I find that the Travel Visor is the best thing for car sickness or any road or rail travel.

I do find however that it also helps when I take the measures I describe here to manage the condition fully.

What should you eat before the journey

As a regular sufferer from motion sickness it can never be wise to eat a huge meal just before a journey. Stick to something light and avoid anything oily.

There is a range of natural help for motion sickness that may help.

The advice that some offer include:

Chewing a slice of raw ginger root

Try this before starting out. I have had some success with this, it will help to settle the stomach. Another option is to slice some ginger and boil it in water to make a tea. Some suggest chewing ginger when the symptoms begin during the journey. I wouldn’t want to do this, if I start feeling nauseous the last thing I want is anything to eat.

Dry biscuits or crackers

As part of a light snack perhaps have this with ginger tea.

A slice of lemon

This is another suggestion. This is something I haven’t tried but there is a claim that putting a slice of lemon in your mouth will stop you from being sick if you are at that point. I have a feeling that this will go one of two ways.

Chew a couple of olives

Do this before setting off or keep some with you to take during the journey. They apparently reduce the saliva flow which is a characteristic of the early stages of motion sickness.

Keep water with you

You must avoid dehydration. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and take a regular sip. If you are well hydrated you will find that your cognitive abilities will be much more positive.

Change the smell of your car

One of the things that tends to turn me up is the smell of the inside of the vehicle. This is always magnified by hot weather. The smell of the warm plastic car-interior and all the other synthetic materials are enough to turn my stomach up before we even get going.

So how about setting up a diffuser that sends out a smell that will overpower everything else. Experiment with all the essential oils out there and see which, if any, suit you.

Get a good night’s sleep

Lastly, if you know you are going to be travelling tomorrow try to get an early night. Sleep is one of nature’s best medicines, make use of it and give yourself a better chance of a relaxed and trouble-free journey.

There is no magic switch to just stop motion sickness but there are simple things you can try to reduce the problem.

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