How to not get carsick

How to not get carsick.

Let me show you a way to how to not get carsick that works!

For those of us who suffer from car sickness or travel sickness modern life can be a struggle. The journey is no fun especially when you see others around you who don’t have a problem with it. They can read a book while travelling and do whatever they want without any ill effect.

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Others don’t understand

You can’t escape the problem and few people have sympathy because they don’t understand.

Being carsick is a bad place to be. It interferes with everything.

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Travel sickness can affect your judgement.

When your cognitive abilities are impaired you can so easily find yourself doing things and perform in ways which you wouldn’t normally do. 

People then judge you and think you’re a ‘half-wit’.

In ordinary circumstances you would have no problem and would be as quick as the rest. Under the influence of travel sickness your thinking becomes blurred and it’s all made harder by being surrounded by people who think you’re a half-wit.

If this happens to a child the long-term consequences can be very damaging.

Keep reading I promise it’ll be worth it!


People will say ‘just take a pill for it’. There’s a range of medications that claim to be effective. For some they are, but for many, myself included, nothing among the oral intake suggestions work. All they ever do is make me feel drowsy and then we are back to the problem of being alert when required.

I’ve tried everything.

travelI must have tried every tablet and pill out there including a homeopathic remedy which actually worked, for a short while. I’ve tried crystallized ginger which made me feel even more sick. I’ve also tried taking in extra sugar just before starting a journey, I don’t recommend doing this.


If any of this is familiar to you then you definitely have my sympathy.

Here it is!

There is a solution to travel sickness that works.

I’ve spent some time researching the causes of travel sickness.

I’ve studied only road and rail travel. Air travel sickness and sea sickness are quite another matter.

For road and rail travel the conclusion is simple.

It’s all to do with what the eye sees.

When we travel along at speed, fast-moving visual information is coming at us from the front and each side.

The information coming from the front, we can cope with.

The problem comes from too much fast-moving information coming from each side.

If the brain was a computer, it would crash.

For some of us our natural instinct is to try to process all of this information even though we don’t actually need to. The result being that the brain becomes over loaded. If the brain were a computer, in this situation, it would crash.

Our brain can’t crash so we have to put up with feeling ill. The best we can hope for is a good night’s sleep which would be like a computer shutting down.

Non-sufferers don’t share our natural instinct and, therefore, they get away with it.

Block it out.

Because the fast moving information coming at us from the sides is of no direct use to us and only causes trouble, the solution must be to block it out completely. If we can’t see it we don’t try to process it. Simple.

That’s what this does.

This is the Travel Visor. It’s very comfortable to wear and can be worn over spectacles.

How to not get carsick by wearing the Travel visor

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It blocks out moving information coming at you from each side but allows a narrow view through the front.

You can dare to read on the move.

When glancing down at a book or phone, the visor blocks out all movement around you. When you look up there is a narrow view straight ahead, sufficient to provide a bearing of your surroundings without causing visual overload.


It’s important to note at this point that the Travel Visor is strictly for passengers only.

How to not get carsick by wearing the Travel Visor

Wearing the Travel Visor can send you to sleep on a long journey. In my experience the sleep is very relaxing and has the effect of making the journey feel shorter than it is.

The best part for me though, is that after a long journey as a passenger I am able to use a computer effectively and operate the most complicated software that I use.


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how to not get carsick by using the visor

Do you suffer from travel sickness?

Do you know someone who suffers from it? If you do then please let me know in the comments, how you or they cope with it.

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